Updates:  In three years there have been three major changes in arrangement of material.  This summary is provided for convenience in finding things remembered from previous visits.

Changes and Additions in January 2005
Before January 10, 2005, the top of  the index page advertised new items as shown below.
Latest Item:  Great Pic. On top of Old Con. 8 circa 1917
The 2003 Reunion was a great success once again. Picture Story--(7/29/03)
Link to Things That are NEW since the Reunion Story   CON. 8 CHURCHES AND MORE -- (7/30/03-8/23/03)
The Latest Item: has been replaced by a link to  the story of the building and school from 1912 to 1929.   That link was to a picture of Herman McClure and Cecil Sims on top of the old Con. 8 building in about 1917  which is now a part of the full story. A direct link to that part of the story is given below, but linking to the full story helps to put it in context.  That story coordinates links to all the pictures and student list for the 1912-1929 period; but here is a direct link  On Top of Con. 8~1917
 The 2003 Reunion Story Link has been moved down under the list of Specialty Seminars as explained on the index page,
The Things That are NEW since the Reunion Story.... Link has been removed from the index page and these items are normally reached by other links.
The Con 8 Churches ....Link has been placed on the  index page  under the list of Specialty Seminars.  
The old link also led to a "new stuff" page where there were links to many of the items new at that time:  The then new Collages for classes of 1934 and 1946  are now linked from the Main Course  in the portion appropriate to the school year, which treats them the same as the other collages or graduation pictures.   However, the links previously provided  are reproduced below,  and following that we give provide the 2002 update course page.

Things that are new since July 28, 2003

1.  A pair of links  that were not
working have been made to work for the first time on August 5 of 2003.  These are the pictures that are available of  Con. 8 classes in the early twenties.
1921-1922 and 1922-1923 Classes
1923-1924 Classes
2. The 2003 Con. 8 Reunion --Picture Story
3.  Churches and Sunday Schools of the Con. 8 Community
4.  Brand New
Collages made up for the graduating
Class of 1934

Guide to new Material and New Format of Index Page  ---July 24, 2002

The Index Page is revised a little as of July 24, 2002:    Only one link has been removed from the home page and it is given
here:  1912-1913  School Building and Some Students  although equivalent material is available in other forms in their context from the Main Course.

The main story of the school  that was previously called  Facts and Supposition is now called  the Main Course, A Chronological History of the School.  It is just updated from the last and works exactly as before providing links in context to other pages.

For the benefit of  those who have visited the site within the last year,  there is a list of Direct Links to new material, which will either go directly to or guide you to  the location of the major  additions  made in the July 24 update.

Other links from the main page have been put into the Specialty Seminars group and are unchanged except for small variation in the name used for the link. They should all be recognizable. The dates are those of the last change in the page content.

A Pictorial Study of the Old Brick Building and Grounds  from 1929 to 1957 (5/12/2000)
A Pictorial Story of the Development of the Con. 8 Historical Marker Site 1999-200 1  (8/1/01)
A Preview of the Historical Marker Site 2 Days Before its Dedication (8/1/01)
The 2001 Con. 8 Reunion and the Dedication of the Historical Site (8/1/01)

The one map previously available was for the location of the 8 schools that related to Con. 8.  It and the new maps are now under the heading Map Seminars

Map with Locations of  8 Schools and Notes about their merging with Con. 8 in the first half of the last century.( 11/14/99)
1913 Map of Southwest Kiowa County Showing Schools and other information with supplementary annotation by JWC. (7/24/02)
1902-1903 Plat of Con. 8 area with names of Lessees and Claim Holders --Helpful for family history research (7/24/02)
1913 Plat of Con. 8 area with names of  Lessees and Owners in the  Con. 8 area at about the time the school was formed-- also useful for family history (7/24/02)

Direct Links:    New Items Included On July 24,  2002

These items are also available as links made within the context of the older material.   A set of links is provided for those who have viewed the site before and just want to see the major additions and corrections.

1. Classes that would have graduated after 1957 -- Added to the end of the Chronological History of the School (formerly Facts and Suppositions).  This link takes you to the History where table of contents has a new link to After 1957.  
This is a list of students assembled from the Spring 1955 Yearbook which has Pictures and Names of Students in all the grades.

2.  Classes of 1921-1922 and 1922-1923 ---These are  new pictures that are also linked in context from the Chronological History , but this link takes you directly to that new page.
3.  Classes of  1923-1924 ---These pictures are also linked in context from the Chronological History.  One of the pictures was previously linked from there as a 1922-1923 class,  but the dating is revised to 1923-1924, and the other is a new picture of another class in that year.
4.  Group Picture of  All Con. 8  High school Students and Teachers in spring 1933 (7/24/02)--Linked also from the Chronological History, but this takes you directly to the new page.(New identifications through 01/31/03 added)
5.   Eighth Grade for year 1934-1935.  -- This has been added to the collection for the 1934-1935 classes that is linked from the Chronological History.  This link takes you directly to the collection page.  The eighth grade picture is at the bottom of the page.