The Class of 1946

In addition to the 1934 class, that of 1946 never had a collage made.  However the three graduating seniors did have senior year pictures made.  Then there were individual photographs taken in the Fall of 1945, and LaNell DeWeese has saved a nearly complete set which is among nearly 300 that she has given to the Con. 8 Memorial group.  Among those were pictures not only of the three seniors, but also three of the five teachers that taught in highschool that year.  Two more teachers have been added using pictures thought to be nearly contemporary with the others.

We expect to obtain a large print for the  display at the Rooosevelt, Sr. Citizen's Center, and an 8x10 copy for the Kiowa County Historical Museum exhibit.  

Two versions are given here.  The first uses the actual senior year pictures for the graduates which only became available to us in July.  The second was the version displayed at the 2003 Con. 8 Reunion which uses the fall of 1945 pictures.
1946 collage version 2
and the Reunion Version
46 collage version 1