Con. 8 Classes in 1921-22 and 1922-23
These are two more pictures supplied by Charlie Bock’s grandson.   The annotations give the names of  the fifth and sixth grade teachers in  two of the early years.

Fifth and Sixth for 1921-22 --Teacher Mrs. Anna Bowman

Mrs. Anna Bowman, the teacher is standing at the left with hat.  We anticipate that some of Charlie Bock’s children are in this, but there are no identifications of students.   Picture was probably taken a the southeast corner of the building, and the students are facing east.5&6-1921-22

Fifth and Sixth in 1922-1923--- Teacher: Mr. Wright .

Also no student identifications here yet.   Mr. Wright I believe is standing at the left back.   The picture seems to be taken at the same place as in 1921-22.
5&6 1922-23
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