The Brick Building Through the Years
The primary source for building  pictures is those on the collages for the graduating classes of Con. 8.  This is a summary of the pictures available.    The unique pictures are exhibited and discussed in following table..
1933--- Building shown face on.  Certainly taken before summer 1933.
1941-- New picture.  Shows the class of '41 in graduation gowns. Spring '41 for sure.
1934--- Collage, if made, is missing.
1942-- Again the class is shown so Spring '42 for sure.  
1936-- Certainly taken before summer '36 and after '35 picture. Probably Spring  of '36 
1943-- This one is interesting.  It is an older picture but one not used in earlier years for a collage.  For reasons given below I call this the
Feb-39 picture for purpose of identification
1937-- Has the same picture as the '36.
1944-1952-- Collages have no building pictures. (No collage made for '46.) I have a picture from the 49-50 Yearbook. called the 1950 picture. 1953---A new picture, probably taken in spring 1953.
1938-- Has reused the '33 picture.
1954&1955-- Used the '53 picture.
1939-- Has a new picture probably taken in may 1939.
1956&1957-- No building pictures.
1940-- Reused the  1939 picture.

So  the pictures available from collages yield  eight  distinct pictures and one from the 49-50 yearbook for a total of nine.  1933   1935  1936   1939 (Feb)  1939 (May)  1941  1942  1950  1953 .  These are exhibited in the following table.

1933 school bldg small
1933:  This is from the '33 collage and I call it  the  1933 picture, but it could have been taken earlier. The building was completed and first used for classes in the fall of 1929.  Picture was used again in the 1938 collage. In this picture and more clearly in the full size print is a pair of bushes on either side of the entry walk halfway toward the building.

1935 building
1935: This is from the 1935 collage and a different view showing the gymnasium (Gym) with the advertisements.  On a good blow up of the Gym, the windows look to be damaged, and the one can see a pole which supports wire to carry the 32 volt electrical service to the Gym from the Bell House where the generator and battery stack were located. 
Here again at the right of the picture one of the two bushes along the entry way walk can be seen.
This could have been taken earlier, but it is probably contemporary with the class.

Enlarged view of the gym at 800 pixel width.
1936 building
1936: The Gym has been spruced up in this one, but it is the same building. The 32 volt electric service pole shows up better on the white background.  Picture also used in collage for 1937.  The bush at extreme right of picture appears to be one of the pair evident from 1933 onward.  Trees along the road borders of the yard are said to have been put out during the 1936-37 school year.  They are not in evidence here as that would have been done in the fall of 1936 or spring of 1937.

Feb 1939
feb 1939-used in '43
Feb-39: This was used in the 1943 collage.  However there is no evidence of the trees that are present in the pictures from spring '39 on.  Also, an REA service pole  would be visible at extreme right of picture after March 1939. Note however a major change from the 1936 picture. The classroom on the Southeast corner has now been added, blocking  more of the Gym from view. The brickwork was completed early Feb. 39, and trees planted a bit later. I think this was a special picture taken to document completion of the addition and before the trees were planted. Next picture a few months later shows the trees.
May 1939
1940 school building picture 1939: This was included in the 1939 collage and  I assume that it is a Spring of 1939 photograph. Note that the picture shows the new Southeast addition and the additional walks as did the Feb-39 picture. Two things are New.  First the  trees planted about March '39 are visible.  Second, the REA service pole is just visible above right hand corner of building. This was installed during April. The northeast side entrance drive way is visible. This is the first picture in which one can see the gas pump in the bus parking-loading area. It could have been there but out of view in the previous picture. The picture was used again in the 1940 collage.
1941 School building
1941: This was included in the 1941  collage and   the e date is well defined, end of May 1941 by the presence of the class of '41..  The trees seem to show two years of growth from the previous picture.
1942 school bldg picture
1942: This was included in the 1942  collage and  again is closely dated as end of May 1942, by the graduates standing in the foreground.  The trees have another year of growth. 
1950 picture from year book
1950: This picture is not from a collage but from the 1949-50 Con. 8 year book called The Pirate, Eva Jean Jackson Editor.  I have seen this same picture with the caption "Con. 8 in the Spring Time".  The major change since 1942 is the growth of the trees.  This is also a unique angle for the pictures in this collection. The railing shown in the 1953 picture has not been added yet.
1953 picture from 1954 collage
1953: This was included in the 1953  collage and  is assumed to be Spring, 1953.  It was also used in the 1954 and 1955 collages.  A wooden railing has been added to the front of the yard. The trees have about reached maturity.
Demolition 1959
In this March 1959 photograph, the Con. 8 Friends Community Church stands in silent witness to the final stages in the demolition of the old school.  In May 1957 , Con. 8  dismissed for the summer and for the last time.  It was several years before all the buildings were demolished or removed.

The church was completed in 1955 and continued until 1980 when the diminishing population forced its closing as well.   A brief picture history of the church and its close association with the school.
July 2001
2001 The Monument
In 2001,  a monument commemorating the school and the community was erected in plot of land on the "Con. 8 Corner". This picture was taken from the intersection of the county road with State Highway 19;  which is about the point from which the 1950 picture above was taken.

The memorial  is located just about at the center of the old brick building.  The brick for the monument was selected to closely match that in the original construction.

For larger picture and close-ups of the monument   click here.