Con. 8  High School Students Spring 1933

(updated 1/9/03 and 1/30/03 with some additions/corrections supplied by Wilma Duke Stout, Dorothy Estoll Shelton and Carol Hawkins Cooper)

The picture on this page was provided by Wilma (Duke) Stout who after a long search found it in one of her boxes.  It is a 5x7  black and  white print.   On the back in 1933 ,  Wilma had written the names of all of the fifty six persons in the picture. For the students however she wrote just the first name and then an initial for the last name.    After 70 years some of the last names were not remembered, but most were.  Those for which we only have the initial letter of the last name are shown with a ? that does not question the first name or initial, just what the full last name is.   Can anybody help fill in those?

This picture includes the three high school teachers and   all nine of the   1934 graduates . Look for the asterisk after the names of class of '34.     The highschool still included the eighth grade students as it did again in later years.   Wayne Bock, Ruth Bradley , and Lillith Dempsey in this picture are known to have been eighth graders at the time.

Wilma remembers that this was Senior Day .    Many of the 1933 Seniors   apparently chose to  "play hooky" that day, and the ones that came are  mostly costumed.   Thus many of the senior girls are in overalls,   unmatched socks, and other eccentric bits of clothing that  I am assured was not typical dress for them.

In the following image the persons are marked with an ID number that refers to the name list.  The name list is split with the upper half above and the remainder below the picture.  The entries tagged + are additional information supplied recently by Dorthy (Estoll) Shelton.  Even more recently (January 2003) Dorothy went through the enumeration books for that year with the help of  which other identificatins were made and these are tagged ++ .  

On January 30, 2003, I wrote the following summary.  " I believe, only one person who's identity has not been established,  #12 for which Wilma has written  Alyne W. or  at least Al.....  W. and perhaps the W could be an H.".    A few days after I wrote this Mable Sockwell sent me a letter in which she tenatively identified this young lady as Alyne Wheeler.  I have checked the 1930 US census and found the Wheeler family living near the Dickson's, Hetzels ect. in the Gibson area. All are identified.

This picture is followed by an image which does not have the numbers.

1. Mr. DeWees (Superintendent), 2. Roy Williams (Teacher), 3. Leon Miller ++ , 4. Julius Lowell *, 5. Ralph Hawkins *, 6.Burl Fowler *, 7. Delorn   Duke, 8. Mr. Atkinson (Teacher), 9. Alleen Martin  ++, 10. Ethyl Thornton *, 11. Evelyn Kidwell, 12. Alyne Wheeler , 13. Lucille Allred , 14. Ruth Snow, 15. Pauline Dempsey *, 16. Letrice Crouch *, 17. Winnie Terry, 18. Mabel Sockwell *, 19.Ruby Kidwell, 20. Nelda Hetzel +, 21. Wayne Bock, 22. Rex Burton, 23. Edwin Duke, 24. Lillith Dempsey, 25. Wilma Duke, 26. Alene Estoll, 27. Travis Crouch, 28. Melba Wood ++ , 29. Melvin Shackleford, 30. Earlene Stockton, 31. Loyd Hutchinson *, 32. Dorothy Stockton, 33. James Sockwell, 34. Juanita Frances B arnes + , 35. Melba Snow,
 36. Lorena Godfrey, 37. Lorene "Dudie" Haynie, 38. Auzela "Zela" Cooper +, 39. Thelma Jones  ++ , 40. Rachel Perryman , 41. Allie Henderson, 42. Margaret Haynie, 43. Blanch Jackson, 44. Velma McDowell, 45. LaVerne Courtney, 46. Ruth Bradley, 47. Edward Wynns *, 48. Cecil "Spud" " Tator" Hawkins, 49. Herbert Jones, 50. Alden Henderson, 51. Clyde McDowell, 52. Mattie Thelma Smith, 53. Eva Mae Hutchinson, 54. Helen Jones, 55. Shirley Murrell, 56. Leonard "Chigger" Cleal .
1933 high school people no numbers