1913 Plats of some of Con. 8 Area showing Owners and Lessees


A very elaborate Plat Book for Kiowa County was published in 1914.  At the bottom of this page are links to photographs of two of the pages in this atlas, made from one of the two copies which are in the office of the Kiowa County Clerk.  The ownership and lessees of school land are from 1913 postings.   The maps also show the positions of schools and the residence structures on the land.  This latter information appears to be based on data that in some cases is a year or two older than that.   One has to look carefully to see the little black rectangles showing the positions of the houses. 


These two pictures show most of the final Con. 8 area, although at the time Gibson, Shiloh, and Mullins which are shown were serving portions of the area.  Three early schools   Mackey, Lone Star, and Olive Branch are not shown on the original map, as they were disbanded when Con. 8 was first formed in 1911.   I have indicated  positions of those former schools with annotations in yellow. 


(1)   3N/18 W and that part of 3N/19 W lying east of the river.  Extends from the river on the south to 1 mile south of present highway 19.


(2) 4N/18 W and that part of 4N/19 W lying east of the river.  Extends north from 1 mile south of present highway 19 to the “correction line”.