The 2003 Con. 8 Reunion
Saturday July 5, 2003 at the Roosevelt Sr. Citizens Center
Main Topics:     Summary ,   50th Reunion Item ,   Pictures of Classes ,  Roving Photographers Random shots ,  The 2005 Reunion Committee ,  Common Surname Contest Winner ,  News story from the Hobart Democrat Chief, of July 24, 2003
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A Brief Summary

The official beginning time for the 2003  Reunion  was 4 pm Saturday,  but a great deal of visiting occurred earlier in the day and during the days before,  as various residents of former years collected here and there in Kiowa County.  And by four Saturday the action at the Roosevelt Senior Center was well underway.  

Earlier in the day,  Willie Jackson got signs up outside and made sure the Center was all ready for us.   Then the Committee for the 2003 reunion,  Sylvia (Brewer) Terry and Ruth Ann (Dickson) Rounds  and their volunteer helpers did the arrangements inside including pleasing and appropriate decorations that will show in some of the photographs.  From well before 4:00 they were at the greeting table  handing out name tags they had prepared and collecting some contact information from the attendees.  A list based on this information is reproduced in a story from the Kiowa County Hobart paper .

About 5:30, a very fine buffet was set out by Roy's Barbecue of Hobart, with an attractive and tasty choice of entrees and side dishes enjoyed by about 70 people.   My impression is that the food was so much appreciated, that the exchange of news and views was actually slowed down by the temptation of the food..   After the dinner we had a musical interlude conducted by Tom Avants (Con. 8 Teacher 1953-1956) who sang  with sing-along participation from the audience.

Then the introduction of the members of each class represented at the 2003 reunion was made.  That will be in a separate photo album below.

In a short business session,  Lajuan (Nichols) Norvelle, spouse Jim Norvelle, and Rita (Smith) Walker agree to serve as the Organizational Committee for the 2005 reunion.   Also an important change in the date was made so put this in your long range plans.   It will be the Third Saturday in September, 2005  which I believe is  September 23, 2005 ,  but check and then mark the day on your 2005 calendar when you get it hung on the wall.
Special 50th  Reunion Item

53class song A final impromptu presentation was made by  the members of the Class of 1953 who were celebrating their  50th anniversary of their Con. 8 graduation.  At that time they gave a spirited rendition of their uplifting  Class Song.   We  have not yet been authorized to disclose the title or even the words of the refrain line.   Contact members of the class for further information.  They are identified by name in their formal class introduction picture.

The Group is using Tom Avants sound system.  Did Tom  have his tape recorder on?  The audio might be an instant "hit",

Our Best Attempts so far to Record the Class Introductions
Improved or missing pictures would be welcomed by the editor Three such now here courtesty Ginny and Noel Brewer.
In this section clicking on the pictures brings up a larger view.
1933: The start of introductions of classes caught some of our photographers out of position; but Ginny& Noel Brewer
were in position and have provided this great shot of Chig Cleal representing the first graduation class at Con. 8.
1939:   As far as our photographs show, we didn't have representatives from the classes of 1934-1938 present this year.
But  Virginia (Jones) Sims  represented the
class of 1939.  Virginia is not only a 1939 grad, but she taught at Con. 8 most of the years from 1945-1957.
 1940: Joy (Shockley) Clark.  Joy attended some classes in that beautiful old two story building that preceded the
brick one
Hazel (Fowler) Bynum of this class was here earlier. 
 1943:   Apparently no 1941 picture. Bernice (Dempsey) Duncan class of 1942 was here but we missed her.But for '43      1943

We had success!!  Merle Tufford and Wayne Reese  represent that  '43 class.
1945:  No one for the class of 44?
But for 45!  Yes,   THREE!
J. R. Bock, Willie Jackson and Norris Dickson display the graduation collage for the class.

1946:  There were only three graduates
in 1946, but we have a representative
Jacqueline (Risenhoover) Jennings was there.  To the right behind Jackie is a trial collage for class of '46 and teachers made from photos of the time. One did not get assembled in 1946.   Click here to see the two preliminary versions.
class of 1947
  Eldon Dickson, Nora Faye (Ritchie) Walker, Jackie Wayne Culvahouse,  Christine (Newton) Davis, Maggie Lee (Barns) Walker, Rex McClure, Bill Blish
This was a repeat made because one of the class was tardy..
William "Wm" Terry and Reba (Vanderslice) Marshall
Ted Blish,  Zoe (Sims) McMillin, C. H. McClure and  Charlena (Dempsey) Mask
Sylvia (Brewer) Terry and Ruth Ann (Dickson) Rounds.  This pair were the Reunion Committee for 2001 as well as 2003.
No pics for class of '51 this year.
1952: 51st Annniversary Class
Tommy Holder represents the class of  '52 here. His fellow grad,  Dwight McClure was here as well but escaped our relentless camera crew.
1953--50th Anniversary Class
Elaine (McClure) Speer, Marlene (McClure) Henins, Thurman Ritchie, Janel (Culvahouse) McPhail, Noel Brewer, Danny McClure.  
1955:  We seem to have gotten no photo volunteers for the class of '54, but here is the next year
Lajuan (Nichols) Norvelle and Rita (Smith) .  As a latter item indicates these two will be two thirds of the Committee for the 2005 reunion-- No. 50 for them. 
Carol  (McClure) Friesen is the photo evidence for class of '56. Hooray for Carol.
  We had no photographic evidence of the class of 1957.  2007 is the 50th  anniversary year for this class. Also note it will be the 51st for Carol's 1956 class. Word of alert to be passed on.

Odds and Ends of the Activities as recorded  by the cameras of several  "non-commissioned" Roving Photographers

william terry errand Spouses of  the members of the a Con. 8 Reunion Committee  by a long tradition are often among the volunteer helpers especially so when they also are Con. 8 graduates.  Here is Sylvia's husband William Terry  who looks as if he is just completing a last minute assignment.  The density of cars parked indicate the that already, quite a number of people have arrived.

Then and Later,  People Inside the Cool Comfort of the Center Were? (well I'll just makes some guesses)
charlena&name tag
Sylvia at the greeting station.  Here Co-Chair Ruth Ann,  attending to some name tags is out of the picture. The table decorations as you can see are all done now.
Like spouses,  siblings of  reunion committee members are also traditionally volunteer helpers as exemplified by Ruth Ann's brothers Eldon and Norris Dickson  assisting Charlena (Dempsey) Mask with a balky name tag.
Ted Blish, on the right, in his role as unofficial photographer in 2001 was always behind the camera.  To avoid a repeat,  he was put in front here..  On the left  are Betty and Don Steel. Don and Ted were classmates at Koonkazachey before they were at Con. 8.
Above: Our photographer seems to be getting the real story from Ron Reece and Maggie (Barns) Walker.
During dinner it appears all our "staff" put their cameras aside.  Afterwards however
Tom Avants
We did catch Tom Avants on stage during the musical interlude.  Tom taught at Con. 8 1953-1956.  He and wife Doris have maintained close ties with Con. 8 ever since.
willie Norene Carol
And in the appreciative audience are Willie Jackson, wife Norene, and then Carol (Hawkins) Cooper, and Sylvia. Carol is a Con. 8 girl that grew up after the school disbanded.  Her Uncle was Ralph Hawkins  a member of the class of 1934.--See the next panel for more.
The highschool graduation collages so nicely displayed at the Sr. Center are always of much interest to the reunion group and all during the year to many visitors there. The viewers here
 are not identified.  The Gentleman on right is looking at a new addition!  A collage for the class of 1934. View a version . One was not made in 1934.  Carol Cooper (see previous panel) has had one  composed  from old photos and made a gift of it to the Con. 8 reunion in memory of her Uncle Ralph (d. 2003).
The 2005 Reunion Committee
-- Three cheers for Three Nice People
This may have been an inauguration portrait for Committee members Rita (Smith) Walker and Lajuan (Nichols) Norvelle, but if so how did the other third of the committee escape the view.  However a photo of him taken entering the building earlier has turned up and will be accepted here as the official inauguration photograph for Jim Norvelle.

Same Surname Contest Winner ?  -- A remarkable collection of Con  8 Grads of Name McClure in a single reunion photo

In trying to fill in Con. 8 history  by conversations of those who lived in other districts,  one hears many remarks about the competitive Con. 8 basketball teams they played against.   McClures  A fan of one neighboring  school. remarked that those Con. 8 boys and girls teams always had at least one each by name of  Jackson, Curtis,  McClure, and Dempsey".   We lost our detailed statistics but  it  looks as If McClure has the most in a single picture.  
There are six McClures here.  Four are the children of  Herman and Clara McClure, and two of Carl and Blanche McClure. There were actually seven at the Reunion,  Dwight class of 1952 missed this the photo op.
Left to right,  Danny, Carol, Marlene, Elaine, C. H., and Rex.

And the image of a  Story Printed In the July 24. 2003 Issue of the Hobart Democrat Chief --There is a list of attendees, spousal information,  current area of residence, and  more.

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