On Top of Con. 8 about 1917 -- A View of the Countryside

The full story behind this picture is lost in the fog of time.  The two students are Herman McClure on the left and Cecil Sims on the right. We can surmise that because of the ties and jackets it is a special occasion, perhaps a recognition day for students who have completed the courses available at Con. 8 ,  probably 11 grades.   They are perched at the intersection of the roof ridges of the north wing and that of the east west wings and the photographer is astraddle the east west roof ridge with camera directed a little north of due east.  The cupola atop the building is to Herman's right along the north roof ridge line.

on top of con8 1917
Several features of ordinary life are visible.   Just to the left of Herman's elbow is what magnification indicates is a one horse light wagon or surrey.  The to the right is one of the school privies.  Just behind it is the fence at the east boundary of the school grounds.  In the distance can be seen two home places.  
1913 plat Con 8 corner To the south east  is a house and at least two out buildings which is the residence of Herman Baden about this time.  Also to the north east near the skyline  is a house probably that of R. W. Howard or a son at this time.  These are shown as small black squares on the 1913 plat reproduced to the right.  The stream shown on the map is Owl Creek which enters North Fork of Red River about six miles to the south.

Herman McClure is the father of  seven  Con. 8 high school graduates, Major, Rex, C. H., Truman, Dwight, Marlene, and  Carol.  Cecil Sims is the father of two, Jack and Zoe.