So far I have three grade school group photos for this year. There should be pictures of the third, fourth and fifth.  I think these would be in two separate groups.   The background will be the same as for these. The teachers for the missing grades should be Miss Jackson (but see 8th grade picture below) and Miss Stella Fraley.   Also some people may have better quality photos of the examples here.  I would like to arrange for copies for the "Archive".
In the identifications:
                                            ......... ? means I don't have a clue.
                                           Joe Blow(?) means I have made a guess that it is Joe Blow.
                                           If the name is there with no ?, I am fairly confident of the ID.
Please Send Me Corrections or additions:

1934-35. Mrs. DeWees' First and Second grade
Picture from Maggie's "Scrap" Book.   Addition idents from Gaynelle (Ellis) Gray, J. Culvahouse, Jo (Estoll) Hall, Dorothy (Estoll) Shelton,  and J. R. Bock

Back Row or Row 1 Left to Right: (1) Milton Gage  (2) Major McClure (3) Kenneth Wallis, (4) Georgia Thompson(?) (5) J. R. Bock, (6) .....?, (7) Modine Allen  (8) ..........?.(9) Arlie Holder(?), (10) Wanda Jean Moore.
Row 2: (1) ....?, (2) J. R. Anderson (3) Louise Messick, (4) ..........(?) , (5).......? , (6) Billy Willey, (7) Betty Jo Wallis , (8) .....?, (9) ......... ?,  (10)  Willie Jackson.---lower two rows : see below the picture.

Row 3: (1) Harold Haynie?, (2) Ellouise Brewer ,  (3) Maggie Lee Barnes , (4) Buddy Estol  (5) DeVern Brown, (6) .......? , (7) Tommy Ray Reese ,  (8) LaVern Jackson, (9) Gaynelle Ellis.
Front or Row 4: (1) Vina(sp?) Marie Snow, (2) Billy Snow, (3) James Snow? (4) ....... ?, (5) ..... Prichard, (6) Dorsey Ray Fowler, (7) ... Prichard. (8) Prentiss Owens .  Teacher Mrs. VeNora DeWees.
1934-35.  Mr. Alexander's Sixth and Seventh Grades
Picture from Larry Nichols.  Additional Idents from  More idents by Joy (Shockley) Clark, Lorena (Denham) Dempsey, Dorothy (Estoll) Shelton, Margie (Smith) Roberts, Bernice (Dempsey) Duncan.

 Back Row- L to R: (1) Thelma Hooser, (2) Winona Denham, (3) Celia Snow, (4) Dorcia Mae York, (5) Wesley Burke, (6) Gerald or Winfred Cooper or Willard Calvery(?), (7) Wilts Burke (Wesley's twin), (8) Dickey Hooser, (9) Jack Stockton,  (10) Mr. Joe Alexander (Teacher).
2nd Row from back:  (1) Joel Stockton, (2) Margie Mae Smith, (3) Eudora Hazelwood, (4) Aileen Bock,  (5) Eva Lee Smith,  (6) Ruth Ann Sims, (7) ....... Allred (?), (8) Ruby Fowler, (9) Maxine Holt,
.                                         For bottom two rows see below picture.

3rd Row from back: (1) Juanice Penn, (2) Lula Margaret Brown,  (3) Marie McDowell, (4) Elva Hooser,  (5) Lorena Denham,  (6) Hazel Fowler, (7) Opal Reese, (8) Joy Shockley, (9) Oneita Crane,  (10) Marie Jackson.
Front Row:  (11) Mervin Penn, (12) Wesley Wiley, (13) Harvey Miller(?),  (8) Roy Walters, (9) Kinley McClure, (10) James Stockton,  (11)  H. B. Haynie

1934-35.  Probably 8'th Grade
Picture from LaNell (DeWees) Frick via Maggie (Barnes) Walker.  Identifications were written on the back of the picture.

The eight grade was taught as part of highschool as it was in the following two years.  The picture is similar in content to one the next year (See 1935-36 pictures) also identified as an eighth grade picture.
Back row left to right:  Miss  Bertha Jackson, J. E. Herring, Junior Miller, Cecil Ledgerwood, Lee York, Mrs.  Mabel Wilks.  Front Row:   Gaynelle Ellis, Lucille Green, Cordene Thomas, Ruby Fowler,  Ruth L. Fowler, Geneva Dempsey, LaNell DeWees

In this one, two teachers are shown as was the case in the next year.   Mrs. Mabel Wilks was probably the main teacher and may have taught other subjects in highschool.   Miss Bertha Jackson has been identified as at least the room teacher for the 4th and 5th grade room this year.  There may have been some team teaching.  Both Mrs. Wilks and Miss Jackson were very interested in dramatics and elocution.  In LaNell's notations indicate that all but the two little girls and Ruby Fowler are in the eighth grade.  Ruby is also pictured with the 6&7 grades and Gaynelle with the 1&2 grades on this same day.  I can think of no reason that Ruby would be in this one. 1