Kiowa County and the Old Con. 8 School District –How to Get There

SW OK Road Map

The old Con. 8 school was in Kiowa County OK. wihch is highlighted on the mid-1990's road map at the left.  Hobart, the county seat, is about 120 miles southwest of Oklahoma City and  about 40 miles south of Clinton via US 183 off of I-40.  
US 183 intersects US 62 south of Snyder.  
The location of the old Con. 8 school and the newly developed historic site is indicated by the triangle on the map.     The site lies just on the south side of  SH 19  which forms a part of the Kiowa County Scenic Route.  

The intermediate color on the yellow indicates the boundaries of the district in the mid 1930's. The black overlay areas on the north indicate approximately the area added in the late thirties and early forties as parts of Gibson,   Frog Pond ,  Mt. Tepee, and Koonkazachey districts were added.

A view of the Historic Site and Marker from along  SH 19 .