The 2001 Reunion:
Snap shots of the attendee's of each class as they were Introduced.

These classes are for the years 1933-57 and are defined as those who attended Con. 8 with the group that graduated that year.  As the population thinned, many families moved; but retained their roots and their loyalty to the Con. 8 community.  Spouses, other relatives, earlier students and Con. 8 residents brought the total attendees to over 100.
Pictures so far are from Ruth&Jack  Culvahouse and Ted Blish.   I think we got something for all the groups that had members come to the front.  Seem to be missing a few people I think I remember seeing there.
As snaps, they vary.  If you have a better one, send a copy to me .   If digital  then 640x400 is a fit here.  Medium to high  jpg compression (medium to low on quality scale) loses little and saves server disk space.  Can scan a print just as well.    Also corrections on identifications, name spellings, etc. would be useful. Use contact info at top of home page or the guest book also there.
Click on the small image to bring up an enlarged one; and then the "back button" to resume survey of the thumbnails and identifications.
class of 34

1933-- "Chig" Cleal 1934- Mabel (Sockwell)  Young 1935-- ............. 1936-- Wilma (Duke) Stout.   Mistress of Ceremonies Sylvia (Brewer) Terry at podium 1937--Ruth (Bradley) Horn

1938 -- Martin Duke 1939 -- I think we may have missed the '39 group. Virginia (Jones) Sims was there.  See Teacher group at end. 1940 --Joy (Shockley) Clark 1941 -- ................. 1942-- Bernice (Dempsey) Duncan, Dorothy (Estoll) Shelton

1943 -- ............. 1944---Wayne Reese 1945-- Willie Jackson, Major McClure, Norris Dickson.  J. R. Bock was present earlier and later. 1946--Standing: Gaynelle (Ellis) Gray, Faye (Risenhoover) Snow, Jackie (Risenhoover) Jennings, Margetta (Newton) Stafford.  Mansel Ritter was present earlier. 1947-- Eldon Dickson, Harold Haynie, Christine (Newton) Davis, Rex McClure, Nora (Ritchie) Walker, Maggie (Barns) Walker, Ernestine (Dempsey) Morper , Jack Culvahouse
1948 -- Jo (Estoll) Halls , William Terry, Reba (Vanderslice) Marshall 1949 -- Charlena (Dempsey) Mask, C. H. McClure,  Zoe (Sims) McMillin, Ted Blish, Maxine (Holder) Ledford 1950 -- Sylvia (Brewer) Terry, Ruth Ann (Dickson) Rounds, Carson Vanderslice, Eva Jean (Jackson) Hays. 1951-- Leta Faye (Jackson) Walkemeyer, Keith Sockwell, Patsy (Schrader) Shockley. 1952 -- Tommie Holder, Margaret (Vanderslice) , Ron Reese.

1953 -- George Sorrell, Marlene (McClure) Henins, Noel Brewer 1954 -- Marlene (Holt) Smith, Jim Norvelle, Thelma (Barnes) Davis 1955 -- Lajuan (Nichols) Norvelle, Rita (Smith) Walker 1956 -- Roxie (Cooper) Collins, Leo Dickson, Carol (McClure) Friesen 1957 ........

Con.  8 Teachers:  Tom Avants --53-56, Virginia (Jones) Sims --44-57 and Class of '39, Major McClure -- 48-49, and class of '45.