List of Persons Attending the 2005 Reunion
Taken Directly from a Story in the Hobart Democrat Chief
Sent to the Editor by Maggie (Barnes) Walker Class of 1947

Those attending the reunion were Ronnie and Peggy Avants, Lois (Sorel) Barnes, Zelma (Taylor) Bell, Bill and Helen Blish, Ted Blish, J.K. and Betty Bock, Lillie (Stephens) Brewer and Brenda Gregory, Noel and Ginny Brewer, Margaret (Nichols) Christenson, Joy (Shockley) Clark, Leonard Cleal and Joan Pazack and Ada Wedman, Roxie (Cooper) Collins, Jack Culvahouse, Dutch Cooper, Byrd and Elouise (Brewer) Curtis, Ray Curtis, Christine (Newton) Davis, Charles and Thelma (Barnes) Davis, David and Fern Denham, Eldon Dickson, Leo Dickson, Norris Dickson, Delbert and Fern (Speights) Durham, Carol (McClure) Friesen, Ron and Carol (McFarland) Guthrie, Ivar and Marlene (McClure) Henins. Opal (Reese) Herrin, Neil and Myrle (Nichols) Hickerson, Birlee (Schrader) Holder, Tom Holder, Jewel (Ritchie) Jackson, Willie and Norene Jackson, Polly Mainer, Reba (Vanderslice) Marshall, Verna (Bailey) Mahoney, Charlena Mask, Major and Darlene McClure, C.H and Helen McClure, Dan and Myrna McClure, Dwight McClure, Rex and Wanda McClure. Zoe (Sims) McMilin and Queta (Sims) Catlin, Paul and Janel (Culvahouse) McPhail, Thelma (Taylor) McQueen, Opal (Johnson) Miller, Jim and Lajuan (Nichols) Norvelle, Gary Norvelle, .Fred Polley, John Polley, Florence (Brock) Ragsdale, Gayle (Brown) Riddle, Ron and Derna Reese, Wayne and Zula Reese, Herman Ritchie, Sherman Ritchie.
Mansel Ritter, Ruth Ann (Dickson) Rounds, Phil and Terry Schrader, Dorothy (Estoll) Shelton, Patsy (Schrader) Shockley, Janny (Shockley) Simpson, Duane Smith, Ronnie and Judy Smith, Faye (Risenhoover) Snow, George and Donna Sorrell, Margetta (Newton) Stafford, Cletus and Delores Stephens, Joe and Joyce Stephens, Ed and Geneva (Daniel) Taylor, Willie and Sylvia (Brewer) Terry, Maggie (Barnes) Walker, Nora Faye (Ritchie) Walker, Rita (Smith) Walker.