The 30th Con.8 Community Reunion September 17, 2005
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More than 100 persons attended the 2005 Con. 8 reunion at the Roosevelt, OK, Senior Citizens Center which stuck up at noon on Saturday, and continued into the evening after a delightful buffet meal catered at about 6:00 pm.  Packed around and continuing through our enjoyment of  dinner was a busy time of renewing old bonds of friendship, sharing news of old friends and memories of those community experiences that have molded us all.  We have here put together a preview of a story about this event that when complete will have the  components indicated in the following table. Clicking on a link will take to you the subject area if the link is active; otherwise it is not complete It will be a work in progress.  Status Coming means "stay tuned'.
The Preparation and the Place

A Few Snapshots: The Scene as it Evolved
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The Class Introductions And Pictures
Captions in Place
Corrections Requested
A full 125 picture survey of many  people and memorable  little events

List of Attendees
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Who Knows?
Who Knows?

Con. 8 Home page   This link will take you to the main index and guide to the site so you can review items about Old Con. 8, and in many cases see what some of the people pictured on this page looked like when the World Was Young.

  This report is to help us all savor again that wonderful occasion.  First let us recognize those who worked to make it happen.  

This reunion was magnificently arranged by an efficient and hardworking set of Co-Chairs:
Lajuan (Nichols)
Norvelle  Class of 55

 Jim Norvelle
Class of 54

Rita (Smith) Walker
Class of 55

Carol (McClure) Friesen
Class of 56

  the senior center These people spent considerable time in the past two years, calling, arranging (arm twisting?) and mailing and encouraging in order to make this happen in the delightful way it did.

  We were fortunate to have  the use of the Roosevelt Senior Center shown to the right.  This has been  "our biannual home at least beginning with Norene and Wille the 1999 reunion.    We are much appreciative of the good relations that were cultivated even in the distant past between the "Pirates" of Con. 8 and their neighbors,  the "Roughriders" of  Roosevelt.  Those relations are much facilitated in the present day by the old-time Con. 8 pirate Willie Jackson  and his charming wife Norene shown at the left.

Neil&Parking lot Shortly after noon, those many parking places; vacant in the picture above;  began to fill.  It appears our camera man did not closely monitor this development, but this shot somewhat after noon, communicates the idea of the gathering of the clan.  Now this was a shot primarily of Neil Hickerson class of '55 and I don't think he is just now arriving.  As a member of the sponsoring class and a brother-in-law of two of the  Co-Chairs , Neil would have been put to work at the "crack of noon".
ted These pictures and many that follow are mostly from the 150 or so pictures in the files of our Unofficial Roving Photographer for  this and the previous two reunions.  Even those who circulated fully at the gathering  might have seen only his camera lens and also been blinded by the surprise flash.  So, on the left, here he is without camera : Charles Theodore "Ted" Blish, class of '49!!

Now we turn to a few randomly chosen snapshots accompanied by " exciting" monologue comment; a best try of mine at trying to capture some of the magic of the day:  Individuals; groups coming together;  food on the table; and more. Onward or is it Downward for that.

What it was all About
Fred&Margaretat reception table
Inside the Building, the visiting began at the reception desk.  
  Here Fred Polly class of '49 compares notes with Margaret (Nichols) Chiristensen class of '60 . Fred already has something to drink so he has been here a few minutes.  In the right background Myrle (Nichols) Hendrickson  and Rita (Smith) Walker have apparently remembered some amusing episode (probably from the fifties;  wouldn't you guess?)

Other groups collected sometimes with a discernible theme as in the photograph below. If you know your classes and people,
less formal most of class of 56    

In the picture to the left, it  looks as if most of the attendees from the class of '56 have collected just here from widely scattered places .  Left  to right are Florence, Leo, Birlee, Carol.  Just check the class pictures.  Someone might like this one better. If so click here to see a full screen width
  In the  picture below the  common theme is the name REESE.   Seated in in the foreground to the left are Wayne Reese and Opal (Reese)  Herrin.  Then in the white shirt at the end of the table is Ron Reese.  All these Reese attended Con. 8 and are cousins, children of three Reese brothers, Ed, Carl, and Claude. Reese table earnest discussion The two ladies on the right side of the table are Zula, spouse of Wayne, and Derna spouse of Ron.  Of the the two barely discernible  persons in the background; the lady listening attentively to the story presented by Ron is Elouise (Brewer) Curtis.  Elouise's  husband Byrd is beside her.   We caught them later after Ron had finished his story, but not together. Here he is  and to Bryd's right Eldon Dickson.
Byrd and Eldon  

And then below is collection of athletic gentlemen  looking for a basketball court.  Attendee's from the 1952-53 basketball team.
Ray Curtis, George Sorell, Herman Ritchie, Noel Brewer and Danny McClure.
52-53 basketball

That 1953 Senior Boy's team was one of our premier entries in  the sports hall of fame.  Unfortunately the sports archives do not have a picture of that team taken in 1953.  If you know of one, it would be a nice addition. Click here to see the picture at right at full width.  I am sure that other teams both men's and women's and in the absence of a basketball court had to content themselves with just talking about those past glories.

Usually the scene was more diverse and the only common theme was Con. 8.
C. H. and  Helen McClure are in focus in the foreground of course, and we can all make guesses about who is who in the back ground examining the history posters on the wall or groups engaged  in discussion of special topics or special gossip..

There are a lot more pictures and we could go on and on here; but we hope this suggest  the idea that we and you will want to do this again in 2007!   The plan for 2007 will be on the site  later.  

Also, at this reunion, some business was done, and important steps taken to form an organization to provide perpetual care for the Con. 8 Monument Site and for other less tangible parts of the Con. 8 Tradition.    Details will be on the site early in the next year.

Class pictures for the 2005 Con. 8 Reunion:

This year spouses were encouraged to join in the class photographs.  Usually it is easily determined which is the class member and which is there as a spouse.  Some cases may be harder to puzzle out because both are Con. 8 graduates of the same or perhaps different years.   Distinguishing those is sometimes left as an exercise for the reader.  As has always been the case we have a large number of persons who may not have graduated at Con. 8 but were members of a class for many important years and in everyone's hearts they are remember with that class.  And finally, this year we have a number of persons in group photograph who are the "virtual classes" who would been graduates in later years had the school not had to close :

To Start this show off, we will put the sponsoring classes of 1954 and 1955 which were  those of special honor for this reunion at the beginning, and with a bit larger "thumbnail"  on this page.  We didn't do that in our reports for the last two reunions. Our   apologies to the classes of 1949-1953 are offered, but believed to be uunnecessary as we did the honors in a different way last time.  Also it is timely to recognize why those two class are this year those of honor.   Brace yourselves!!  It is because either 50 or 51 years have elapsed since they passed out those sacred doors with their diplomas in hand and the wide world before them.  Time does not seem to phase them, as the great turn out at our reunion and energetic work of the organizers belies whatever years your arithmetic may bestow up them.

Clicking on the Pictures in the following part of the page will bring up one of twice the size.  Depending on your browser settings, you may have to use the image size control on the picture to view at the largest size.
class of 54 05-R-S-55.jpg  
Standing, from left, Charles Davis, Ray Curtis, Joyce Stephens, Joe Stephens, Ron Guthrie; Seated are Thelma (Barnes) Davis, Dwaine Smith, Jimmie Norvelle, Lajuan (Nichols) Norvelle, Carol Dee (McFarland) Guthrie.
Standing, from left, Neil Hickerson, Myrle Ann (Nichols) Hickerson, Lois (Sorell) Barnes, Jimmy Norvelle; Seated, Rita Gayle (Smith) Walker, Thelma (Taylor) McQueen, Lillie Mae (Stephens) Brewer, Zelma (Taylor) Bell, Lajuan (Nichols) Norvelle.

1933 -First Diploma Class
class 33
Class of 40
  It is once again our good fortune to open our class roll with Mr.Leonard "Chig" Cleal, a member of the very first Con. 8 Diploma Class. With Chig are his daughters, Mrs. Ada Wedman at the left, and Mrs. Joan Patzack at the right.
  On the left is Joy (Shockley) Clark and on the right Opal (Reese) Herrin.  Joy lives in Hobart, and Opal made it all the way from California.
 class of 42
class of 44
Dorothy (Estoll) Shelton  who would have graduated at Con.8 had her family not relocated for that year so they were in the  Mountain Park District.  
Representing the class of '44 Are Byrd Curtis and Wayne Reese in the center.  On our left is Elouise (Brewer) Curtis class of '46 and on our right Zulu (Long) Reese.
From our left to right:   Norris Dickson, Norene (Goodin) Jackson, Willie Jackson,  Betty (Barton) Bock,  John R. "Doc" Bock. Major McClure also of this class and wife were here but had to leave before we got to this.  We did get a picture of them  earlier outside as they were leaving. (Click Here for a view )
 Elouise (Brewer) Curtis, Dela Faye (Risenhoover) Snow, and Margetta (Newton) Stafford.  They are holding a collage made up for the 1946 graduates.  In all cases one can get a closer look at either the collages or pictures taken from them by taking the grand tour of Con. 8. year by year from the Con. 8 Home page advertised at the top of this page. However a click here will take you to two versions of the '46 collage.
Seated: Rex McClure, Wanda McClure, Jackie Culvahouse, Sherman Ritchie, Bill Blish, Eldon Dickson. Christine (Newton) Davis,  Nora Faye (Ritchie) Walker,  Maggie (Barnes) Walker, and Helen Blish.  David Denham of the '47 class and wife Fern were here earlier but had to leave before this picture.
Delbert Durham, Fern (Speights) Durham,  Reba (Vanderslice) Marshall, Sylvia Jean (Brewer) Terry class of '50, and William "W M" Terry.  Experts will recognize that Delbert and Sylvia are here in their role as spouses.
Helen McClure, C. H. McClure, Zoe (Sims) McMillin,  Charlena (Dempsey) Mask, Fred Polly,  Charles "Ted" Blish.
Ruth Ann (Dickson) Rounds,  John "Johnny" Polly,  Sylvia Jean (Brewer) Terry.
Tommy Holder, Dwight McClure,  Ron "Ronnie" Reese,  Derna Reese.  Derna is the spouse of Ron.
Standing:  Myra McClure, Gary Norvelle, George Sorrell, Ivar Henins, Herman Ritchie, Duane Smith, Noel Brewer, Paul McPhail.  Seated: Dan "Danny" McClure, Donna Sorrell,  Marlene (McClure) Henins,  Janel (Culvahouse) McPhail, Ginny Brewer.   Here we give a hint that Myra, Ivar, Paul, Donna and Ginny are believed to spouses of  the class members.
Leo Dickson, Birlee (Schrader) Holder, Carol (McClure) Friesen, Florence (Brock) Ragsdale
Geneva (Daniel) Taylor, Ed Taylor, Janny (Shockley) Simpson.

After 1957
after '57 classes
Queta (Sims)Catlin abt 1962?
Gayle (Brown) Riddle
abt 1960
Terry Schrader
Spouse of Phil
Phil Schrader
Class of '64 or '65
Margaret (Nichols)
Class of '64
Myrle Ann (Nichols) Hickerson
Class of '58
This is an important group for us.  These are a few of the many who were Con. 8 students for many fondly remembered years, but the school had to close before their year of graduation.  For the first time we made a small effort to how many we could collect together for a photograph.  We didn't get all I'm sure and we'll plan to have an enlarged group all the way from '58 to '67