A really early picture of Con. 8 taken with the students standing in front of the southeast  corner of the Gym.  This is the period before the Gym was fancied up ( in 1936).  Not  only are the student's interesting, but also we have here a rare view of the teacherage's, the north one and the main teacherage which was all there was until  fall, 1940.  The picture is really evocative of the those early thirties with economic depresion and drought making life a little more of  struggle than normal.  The picture was one that LaNell DeWees  had saved and it had no identifying notes.   The recovery of so many names (are very close guesses) and the dating of the picture was due to the aid of  Dorothy (Estoll) Shelton (standing in middle of Row 2).  All the evidence points to the fact that this was taken in 1933-1934 school year, and is the third grade and part or perhaps all of the fourth.

Back Row or Row 1: (6 people). L to R: (1) Winfred Snow, Elizabeth Haynie, ........?, Nadine Dodd, Violet McDowell, Vivian Allen. Row 2: (all standing) Bernice Dempsey, ......,  Betty June Heien, Anna Mae Burke, Ruth Etta Cooper, Joan Meismer,  Dorothy Estoll, Caesarine Burns, Ladonna Wallis, Greame Brown, Carol Shockley, Ruby Snow,  Erma Estoll.  Rows 3 and 4 are below the picture.
33-34 class small
Row 3(seated): Buddy Rogers?, Hubert Hazelwood?, Joe Miller, Sherman Fowler, J. B. Snow, Carlyle Hutchinson, Billy Brown?, Lavone Williams,  G. B. Robinson,  Jimmie Hutchinson, Jimmie Shelton.  Row 4: ........?, ........?, .........., Wayne Reece??, Nolen Waters ?, Leo Jackson, Elmer Ankney, .......,  Ray Snow?

The device in front looks like it might be a part of a game fitting in somehow with the carefully excavated hole on the right side of the picture..  Anyone have Ideas?

There are 39 children here, which might be approximately correct for an average daily attendance in grades 3 and 4.  However there are memories that the 4'th grade was split half with the third and half with the fifth.  The fourth grade for that year would have been the graduating class of 1941, the second largest in Con. 8 history.

Click here to view and enlargement of just the students.   Maybe you can help us out with identificaitons..  Any Suggestions?  Send me an email.